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Sponsor a Child for the Summer


Sponsor a Child for the Summer:

Sponsoring a child for the summer is the best benefit you can hand down in your community. A ($100) can by Books, Toys, Clothes, Shoes, Food, Snacks, Gifts Cards, and Activities: You can also sponsor a child with a minimum donation of ($25) can still buy one or more of the following… Books, Toys, Clothes, Shoes, Food, Snacks, Gifts Cards, and Activities… We are seeking your support and mentor-ship for the summer. We are asking service, brand, product, and community sponsors to MEET the CHALLENGE and SPONSOR a CHILD for the SUMMER as part of the JUNETEENTH AWARENESS and CELEBRATION. We are in need of major sponsors so that no child with go without activities for the summer. Your support is of great need and all proceeds received will be used to SPONSOR a CHILD with clothes, shoes, food, books, necessities, snacks, etc... This year we are encouraging everyone to SPONSOR a CHILD for the SUMMER. Summer time is always a time when kids need our support the most being that there is limited CHILDCARE and learning and resources available for families with children. Summer time is when most kids tend to become distracted by the things in their environment. This is the time when parents need the most assistance with extra resources to keep their kids safe and out the streets. Kids are always in need of toys books activities food and clothes to get them through the summer months. So please consider SPONSORING A CHILD FOR THE SUMMER.

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